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     Overcoming The 10 Inhibitors

                    To Bliss

Three extra Chapters added to original 
hard  Copy  Book  "Overcoming
The 7 Inhibitors To Bliss"
 plus extra information throughout book.

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Rebirthing Manual



   Rebirthing Manual

Companion Book to "Overcoming
the 10 Inhibitors To Bliss" set out
in a 10 session program.


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How to use this manual

This manual is designed to be used by Professional Rebirthers in the delivery of the first 10 consultations to a client.  It includes the Philosophy and Psychology associated with Rebirthing and of course the physiology will be the breathing session done after each consultation. 

The theories expressed by me in this book are a �work in progress.�  Not a belief system, but rather, a �working hypothesis� on Rebirthing.

Each Consultation module contains Workbook(s) to assist the client in resolving any issues they may have and enable them to live a more "Blissful" life.

It is recommended that the Rebirther has their client read each Consultation prior to their session which can then be reviewed at the session prior to their Rebirth session.  Many of the Workbook components can also be done as homework prior to or after the consultation.

Towards the end of the book are some more advanced Rebirthing techniques which the Professional Rebirther will find very useful and can be utilised in advanced sessions with their clients after the clients have had their first 10 Rebirths.

I trust you will find this manual most useful in your every day practice.

The manual can be purchased as an e-book from Smashwords and most other e-book re-sellers for only $US 9.99.   Enjoy!!


Both "Overcomiming The 10 Inhibitors To Bliss" and "Rebirthing Manual" are available at Smashwords Store and most E-Book resellers  $US 9.99  Epub, Kindle or PDF


or BUY PDF Copy here via Email   $AUD 12.00  Each or $AUD 20.00 for both


The 7 Inhibitors   

    A definitive text book on  Rebirthing/Breathwork
     including work books  for self help or personal
       Forward by Leonard Orr     



                   Click Here for

                    PDF Copy of

                       Chapters 1 & 2   


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Back Copies available as PDF

Edition 1  -  Earth 2011

Edition 2  -  Water 2011

Edition 3   -  Air 2011

Edition 4  -  Fire 2011

Edition 5  -  Earth 2012

Edition 6  -  Water 2012

Edition 7  -  Air 2012

Edition 8  -  Fire 2012

Edition 9  -  Earth 2013

Edition 10  -  Water 2013

Edition 11  -  Air 2013

Edition 12  -  Fire 2013

Edition 13  -  Earth 2014

Edition 14  -  Water 2014

Edition 15  -  Air 2014

Edition 16  -   Fire 2014

Edition 17  -  Earth 2015

Edition 18  -  Water 2015

Edition 19  -  Air 2015

Edition 20  -   Fire 2015

Edition 21  -  Earth 2016

Edition 22 - Water 2016

Edition 23 - Air 2016

Edition 24  -  Fire 2016

Edition 25  -  Earth 2017

Edition 26 - Water 2017

Edition 27  -  Air 2017

Edition 28  -  Fire 2017

Edition 29  -  Earth 2018

Edition 30  - Water 2018

Edition 31 - Air 2018

Edition 32 - Fire 2018

Edition 33 - Earth 2019

Edition 34 -Water 2019

Edition 35 - Air 2019


Forms for Rebirthing Manual

All these Forms are of course in the book but are available here for easy print out

for clients to use.

Download All Forms

Form CW1-1  Long Client Interview Form

Form CW1-2 Short Rebirthing Interview Form  

Form CW1-3   Forgiveness -  Numerical Energy Release 

Form CW1-4 10 Goals I will achieve from my Rebirthing Training

Form CW1-5   Client Consultation Form

Form CW2-1  Stem Flower

Form CW3-1  Questions To Ask Your Mother About Your Own Birth

Form CW3-2  Circumcision Trauma

Form CW3-3  Conception Trauma

Form CW4-1  Personal Law

Form CW4-2  Self Analysis Questionnaire  

Form CW4-3  Affirmations

Form CW4-4 Technique of Affirmations with Response Column

Form CW4-5  Personal Law Consultation

Form CW4-6 Guided Self Analysis

Form CW5-1  Parental Patterns

Form CW5-2  Self Talk and Affirmations

Form CW5-3  Family Patterning

Form CW6-1  Death Urge Questionnaire

Form CW6-2 Client Workbook.

Form CW6-3  Created Disease

Form CW7-1 Religious Trauma

Form CW8-1  Treasure Mapping

Form CX-1  Past Lives

Form CX-2 Ten Most Negative Thoughts