Is Rebirthing a Religion?

No. Rebirthing is a physiological and psychological method based on Breathing Connectedly and changing thinking patterns. There needs to be no mention of any system based on beliefs.                                                                                                      TOP

Can Rebirthing be Harmful?

A Rebirthing session could only be harmful if (like any other system) the person Rebirthing you was not well trained. Interview your prospective Rebirther extensively to assertain their level of expertise. 


W hy is it called Rebirthing?

Rebirthing could more effectively be called Conscious Connected Breathing, because that is what it is. The name Rebirthing has stuck, but the Founder, Leonard Orr in the USA, has always called it Conscious Connected Breathing. 


Why do you call it Cellular Memory Release - Rebirthing?

Because I have noticed that the Breathing releases "locked-in" cellular memory. That is, these memories are an energy, almost formless, and it seems as though the connected breathing is the only method that can unlock them. 


Can I learn to do it by myself?

Yes. It is like anything. You have to practice at home and you will master it. My job as a Breathing Teacher, is to teach you to do it for yourself. Generally I get people practicing it immediately. 


Who invented it & where did it come from?

Rebirthing, in the form I do was invented by Leonard Orr from the USA. He has written an extensive history in his book "The History of Rebirthing" available at the Physical Immortality Centre of Australia. 


What is Physical Immortality and the Death Urge about in relation to Rebirthing?

Leonard Orr always connects deep unconscious fears with a fear of death. "The Death Urge" he calls it. A psychic entity in a person's mind. In this form of Rebirthing we look at this unconscious fear of death and connect into the person's Life Urge to increase their Life Urge and weaken their Death Urge. This creates a practical form of mind/body transformation. Incorporating the physical body into the Eternal Life of the Spirit Body may be the ultimate Mastery of Life.
Physical Immortality is living for as long as you like by the power of the mind and Mastery of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. It's a powerful Life expanding journey. The first step is learning to breathe Energy as well as Air - Conscious Energy Breathing - which is Rebirthing. 


Can I get books on Rebirthing?

Yes. There are over 100 books written on Rebirthing, mostly by Leonard. You can get these books from the Physical Immortality Centre of Australia or from Leonard Orr in the USA c/o Inspiration University, P.O. Box 1026, Staunton, Virginia, 24402. Phone 540 885 0551
Sondra Ray's books are available at your local bookstore. Pauline Avis and David McNab have a great book. PUT IN LINK

Rebirth International Australia
Parvati (pauline win)
C/- Gwabegar Post Office, Gwabegar, NSW, Australia, 2356
Phone 0458 616 570

About the Author - Leonard Orr - And his Books
Leonard Orr writes about what no one else writes about.

His books are unique and new contributions to human knowledge. He is a spiritual and intellectual pioneer. His books are revolutionary and are transforming philosophy, psychology, physiology, business, personal success, health, money and economics, religion, personal relationships, and politics. His over 20 books are published in over 10 languages. Leonard Orr is an internationally famous lecturer as well as an author. He has been around the world 10 times. He usually stays in homes when he travels so he experiences a country from inside?out. ,

Leonard was born and raised in Walton, NY, a small dairy farming town in Upstate New York in the Catskill mountains. He describes it as the perfect small American town, nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains with creeks and the Delaware River running through it. He lived in the same house from birth until he left town for college. Leonard never read a book until after he graduated from high school, and in college he funked in English composition. Now he is often called "one of the geniuses of the 20th Century".

He became a born again Christian and majored In Bible and philosophy. His book physical Immortality for Christians is about the 5 Immortals of the Bible. It is a revolutionary classic. Published in several, languages, It has made Leonard an international authority on Biblical literature and religion. It was first published in 1980.

During and after college, Leonard studied with Joel and Champion Teutsch. With Joel's help, he became spiritually enlightened. Leonard attended Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, and graduated from Los Angeles Pacific College.

After college, Leonard Orr struggled to find his place in life. He worked successfully? as a salesman, social worker, and other jobs, but eventually found fulfilment as a personal business consultant, He developed a system that enabled him to double the incomes of self-employed people. His Money Seminar is on tape, has been published by over 5 of his students in successful books, and is presented in his books: The Pros2erity Consciousness Consultation The Money Sem1mr, The Energy o Success, How to be a Successful Professional and Government Without Taxes. He has trained people to. be successfully self employed in sales, the arts, health professions, and many types of business. He is a self-made millionaire. Leonard says, "The prosperity of a nation is determined on the ratio of self employed people, because the self employed employ the rest."

Also in the 60's which was a very creative period for Leonard, he wondered why American government has ceased to be a paradise for democracy. He figured out why and put the solution in his book called How to make Democracy Work. At this time he also figured out how to end our abusive tax system and began working on his book Government Without Taxes. It is simple and brilliant!

During his internal search for himself, Leonard studied books about physical immortality and the immortal yogis. In 1967, he unraveled his death urge. His book on Healing the Death Urge wasn't completed until 1995. It is the only book of its kind in print.

As a result of hundreds of spontaneous Rebirthing experiences between 1962 and 1974, Leonard finally perfected a method of Rebirthing himself and others in 1974. His discovery also called Conscious Breathing or Intuitive Energy Breathing is so effective that it has spontaneously, without major advertising, spread to over 10 million people around the world. Rebirthing in the New Age Published in 1977, is the Bible of Rebirthing. Later, Leonard wrote a very practical book about breathing called Breath Awareness. Rebirthing is the ability to breathe energy as well as air and also involves unraveling birth trauma, death urge, and ultimately all human conditioning. Leonard believes that it is possible to become a conscious expression of the Eternal Spirit and to really enjoy Life.

After spreading Breath Work ? Rebirthing, around the world to a4ew thousands people by 1981, Leonard learned about the healing power of fire. Fire saved him from the death urge of his students. Fire is his book on the subject. It describes how to use fire to heal the death urge and persistent negative emotions. He says, " Fire is as important to human health as food, breathing, and bathing."

In the 1960's Leonard read about Immortal Yogis, but lie wanted to actually meet one.

In 1977, Leonard took his first trek to India looking for an immortal human being. He arbitrarily selected 300 as the minimum age standard to qualify for his research. In 1977 he met Babaji in a 9058 year old body. Babaji is called the Angel of the Lord in the Bible. He met in physical bodies seven other immortal yogis some of whom have maintained a continuous local address on Earth for over 2000 years. His books Physical Immortality - 1980, TheCommon Sense of Physical Immortality ? 1988, Babaji the Angel of the Lord ? 1992 and Bhartriji ? 1984, reflect these experiences.

To live over 300 years you have to heal not only the death urge, but the diseases of old age. As a result of distilling the common denominators of the spiritual practices of the immortal yogis he studied, Leonard learned how to survive old age and has become a senility graduate himself. He has discovered the joys of life beyond senility after old age. His book the Secrets of Youthing contains his rites of passage through this most dangerous period of human existence in which most people give up and die.

Please click here to see a list of available books 


Has Rebirthing ever been authenticated by western university research studies?

Yes. A pupil of Leonard's did her University Psychology Thesis on Rebirthing in 1983. Her Rebirther was Jim Worsley who was trained by Leonard and an abstract follows.

[*Note from Parvati - now Beverley Worsley]


This is the first known empirical study of rebirthing, a holistic self improvement process. In Experiment 1, 26 subjects were randomly assigned to a Treatment Group or to a no treatment Control Group. Treatment consisted of a Rebirth Training Weekend. Subjects in the Treatment Group showed improvement on the Rotter's Internal vs External Locus of Control Test, Self Esteem Scale, Affirmation Scale, and Multiple Affect Adjective Checklist when taken one day, two weeks, and six months after the rebirth training weekend. These results are consistant with rebirthing proponent's claims of increased ability to be the locus of control in one's life, increased self?esteem, increased positive thinking, and decreased anxiety. The scores on the Marlowe?Crown Social Desirability Scale did not differ, indicating that the improvements after treatment are not attributable to lying to produce socially acceptable answers. Cohorts of the subjects as well as psychologists noticed positive changes in these subjects after rebirthing. In Experiment 2, two subjects rested, were rebirthed, and rested again, while eight of their physiological functions were automatically recorded. Volume of air exhaled, oxygen and carbon dioxide expired, pulse volume, pulse propagation time, skin potential response, and electromyograph changed during the rebirth. The interbeat interval did not vary significantly. The changes documented in both Experiment I and 2 appear to be consistent with the benefits claimed by rebirthers. Subjects appeared to derive beneficial cognitive, affective, and physiological results from the treatment. These findings indicate that rebirthing merits further serious research and shows promise as a valuable technique for self improvement


How do I get to have a Session or do a Training Course?

Please click here to get in touch with me.

I give a free Introduction session.

If you live too far away from our centre, I would be happy to refer you to a rebirther in your area. 


How many sessions do I need to have?

I recommend 10 sessions in a series. 


Can I have a session to try it first?

Yes. I do a very extensive interview/overview and one breathing session so you will know what the commitment entails. 

Can I teach it to my children?

I always teach parents of young children how to Rebirth their children. Leonard Orr says that children automatically learn the Breathing Style from their parents so it's beneficial to make a conscious demonstration with your children once you have had 8 or 10 sessions with me. 


Does it work for everyone?

Anyone with a belly button will get benefits from learning to breathe correctly. Some people get very noticeable benefits from one session while others take longer. Most people born under "normal" hospital conditions have some degree of birth trauma which is healed by Rebirthing. 


What happens during a session of CMR - Rebirthing?

First I give a Seminar on psychology of a specific aspect of Rebirthing, i.e. Family Patterns, Birth, Death Urge, etc., thenthe person lies down on a comfortable mattress and I direct the breathing intuitively. This continues until a tingling or vibrating sensation starts in the body and this sensation moves in the body until the whole body is immersed in it. This healing force reaches a peak and then integrates and disperses throughout the body leaving the person feeling peaceful, relaxed and calm. 


Will it help me with my relationships with my husband/wife and children?

Yes. Because Rebirthing heals family patterns established when you were a child and which get acted out on your loved ones. The Rebirthing Breath automatically integrates these unresolved issues and brings resolution of the past. 


How can breathing help me?

The following is an article by Leonard Orr:

Benefits of Breathing

Breath is the most vital of all functions of life. We breathe approximately 23,000 times a day, 100 million times in a lifetime. It is the only function of the autonomic nervous system that can be consciously controlled. With the conscious use of the Breath our entire physiology can be influenced.

The following is an overview of the tremendous benefits of Breathing. It is by no means a complete list. But it does serve to remind us of the great healing power which exists within our Breath and, hopefully, inspire us to given more conscious attention to using it.

Breathing is divided into four functions:

    1. A Physical System
    2. A BioChemical System
    3. An Energy System
    4. An Emotional System

Of course, all these perspectives overlap and the different systems are interacting with each other all the time.

A Physical System

Air is inhaled into series of airways that break off into smaller and smaller branches. It consists of a large airway called the trachea. This branches into 2 smaller tubes call bronchi. The bronchi divides into tinier and tinier branches terminating in the smallest air passage called bronchioles. These end in a series of air sacs called aveoli. There are 300 million microscopic aveoli in the lungs.

The organs of breathing, the lungs, are passive. They depend for their function on the diaphragm and the external muscles of respiration in the rib cage and shoulder girdle. The diaphragm is a dome?shaped sheet of muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. During inhalation the dome of the diaphragm moves down, creating a partial vacuum, thus expanding the lungs. At the same time, the abdominal musculature relaxes and protrudes outward.

The physical act of breathing draws air down into the bottom part of the lungs where the greatest most efficient mixing of oxygen and blood takes place. Deep full, diaphragmatic breaths causes the diaphragm to be fully extended into the abdominal cavity reducing the area there. This results in the massaging of the organs of the abdominal cavity i.e., heart, stomach, kidneys, liver, intestines etc. thus allowing them to bathed in a rich blood supply. This massaging action promotes the release of digestive enzymes and absorption of nutritive substances. The intestines also benefit by increasing their tone and eliminating constipation.

Full, deep breathing also produces a strong pumping action that stimulates the flow of blood, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid throughout the body. (Cerebrospinal Fluid is a liquid, which bathes the spine, nerves and surrounds the brain. Stimulating the flow of this liquid seems to have a cleansing effect on the central nervous system.)

In a recent study where microscopic cameras were placed inside a person's body, it was found that deep breathing was the most effective way to accomplish cleansing the lymph system. It creates something like a vacuum that sucks lymph through the blood stream and multiplies the pace at which the body eliminates toxins. Deep breathing helps to accelerate it by as much as 15 times. The immune system is strengthened with breathing.

Deep breathing also is able to stimulate the pituitary gland, which is found within the brain. This master gland is re?vitalised, contributing to a balanced endocrine system. Activating the pituitary it opens up higher levels of consciousness.

A Bio-Chemical System

The action of breathing is responsible for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs. Life?giving oxygen is received by the blood as the waste product carbon dioxide eliminated. On a cellular level, respiration is the reaction that takes place in each of the 60 trillion cells in the body when oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged. With proper breathing 70% of the body's toxins are eliminated through the lungs (the skin eliminates 20%, urine, feces and perspiration 10%)

Deep Breathing releases chemicals called endorphins which produce a sense of well-being and relaxation which contribute to reducing the effects of stress on the body. In addition, endorphins lessen the feeling of pain.

It has also been shown that deep breathing naturally lowers blood pressure. It clears the blood of potentially harmful hormones, which have a clogging effect, and increases the production of the ones that have a cleansing affect.

It is recognised that breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of the nervous system which is responsible for the relaxation response and the undoing the harmful effects of stress on the body. It has been demonstrated that relaxation lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, in some cases more effectively than diet, as well as releasing hormones responsible for regular menstruation cycles.

Of the oxygen that we take in, 20% is used by the brain. Without a rich oxygen supply, the brain is not able to function properly. Through deep breathing, the increased oxygen in the brain produces
such benefits as improved memory.

Healthy cells need an oxygen rich environment to thrive in. Without enough oxygen, a condition is created which fosters the growth of cancer cells . They can only live in an oxygen starved environment. An extremely successful cancer and AIDS treatment is hyper?oxygenating the blood. With increased levels of oxygen in the blood stream, cancer cells die.

Where there are indications of cardio?vascular disease such as angina, deep breathing is essential for bringing more oxygen to an overworked heart. Heart conditions are often caused by an overworked heart from improper breathing, causing fatigue and oxygen deprivation. The cells are literally, starving for oxygen. Changing from shallow breathing to diaphragmatic breathing can reduce the workload up to 50%.

It has also been demonstrated that full breathing activates the right and left hemisphere of the brain, allowing both hemispheres to be activated as well as allowing communication from one hemisphere to the other. This results in increased creativity, inspiration, intuition and the ability to access left brain information. Studies have shown that alpha brain waves increase with abdominal breathing.

An Energy System

Oxygen is needed for the metabolism of energy on a cellular level. Without adequate oxygen, cells are not able to burn energy efficiently. This results in a person feeling sluggish and tired. Increased oxygen facilitates a more efficient metabolism and more energy results. As a result people find that they need to sleep less.

Fat cells need oxygen to be metabolised properly. Fat cannot be burned up without adequate oxygen. Losing weight depends primarily on burning up fat cells. Proper breathing is essential for permanent weight loss.

Within the element of oxygen is contained the essence of Life Force. This life force, known as Chi, Divine Energy or Prana, is the subtle energy behind all life. Through the breath we are able to access this most vital life giving energy. This is the energy that allows the martial arts master and yogi to perform remarkable feats. It is the conscious control of the life force that promotes exceptional healing and more vitality.

An Emotional System

Proper breathing has a direct connection to emotional expression. Anxiety states are always accompanied with interrupted, shallow breathing. Through deep breathing an expanded state of peace and harmony follows.

The depth of breathing affects the intensity of feelings. By holding the breath feelings can be reduced or deadened. Experiences of fear or anger as a child can lock into the musculature tension and constriction around breathing. Restriction of the breath not only creates a life long habit of shallow breathing but also limits one's ability to feel. The detrimental effects of the suppression of emotions can produce serious illnesses like cancer, heart problems, ulcers, migraines etc. In addition, one feels a disconnectedness from oneself and others .

Diaphragmatic breathing allows the emotional energy to be free to flow. The benefits are increased health and the ability to have stronger emotional bonds. It is also easier to feel and express love for oneself and others .


Are there different forms of Rebirthing?

Yes. The Orr style is based on the premise "The Mind & The Breath are the King & Queen of human consciousness" The gentle connected Breath changes the flow of energy in the body & also changes the persons thought system to a more positive theme. So therefore you (the Rebirthee) become ruler of your mind via your Breath. 


What is the cost?

A 2 - 3 hour private session is $200 or by negotiation.
Cost of Rebirthing Trainings on request.